Unit Programme

April - July 2012




Uniform Cost Notes Venue
Apr 16 Games No No Hut
23 BBQ & badges No No Hut
27 Wide games with Scouts No No Ivinghoe Beacon
29 St Georges Day parade Yes No Stoke Mandeville
30 Build speakers for Sun Run No No Hut
May 14 D of E preparation No No Hut
19 Bag packing at B & Q Aylesbury Yes


 B & Q Aylesbury

21 Golf Yes


Tilsworth Golf Centre
Dunstable Road, 
LU7 9PU 
(Just South of Hockcliffe on the A5)
26 Part of community week. Demolish old shed next to Church Path, take wood to sort / burn / build bird boxes. No No Hut
28 Peddle cars No No Wing
June 11 Bike ride to pub No No Start hut. Helmet reqd
18 Archery No No Cottesloe School, Wing
22 Family camp No No
25 Build an obstacle course No No Hut
29 Shennington race No No Shennington
July 2 Build an obstacle course No No Hut
6 Sun Run No Yes Cheltenham
9 Bowls Yes No Cheddington bowls club
16 Water Olympics No No Get wet and messy