Joining Information

All new members to the group receive a joining pack containing all of the vital information required when first starting plus the various forms that need to be completed and returned to the leaders.

The following information is included in the Joining Pack

 Document  Location  
 Group Welcome Letter  See below
 Section Welcome Letter  See below
 Young Person Information Form  Personal Records page 
 Supplemental Information Form  Personal Records page 
 Lucky Number Club Form  Lucky Number Club page
 From Abseiling to Zorbing
 A Parents Guide to Scouting
 Scout Association
 Safe and Sound Leaflet  Scout Association
Download this file (Beaver Welcome Pack.pdf)Beaver Welcome Pack.pdf[Colony Welcome Letter]328 kB
Download this file (Cub Welcome Pack.pdf)Cub Welcome Pack.pdf[Pack Welcome Letter]341 kB
Download this file (Welcome to Group Letter.pdf)Welcome to Group Letter.pdf[Group Welcome Letter]252 kB